Kolkata Automotive Sports Association (KASA) is for the fans .

Our goal is to expand the fan experience from Kolkata to Bengal to the whole of India and beyond international borders to Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and at every ASEAN Countries.

We want to bring Motor Sports closer to our fans by making the total motor rally experience more accessible to our fans.

We know more our fans are involved, more passionate they will become about Motorsports , Road Safety & Safe Driving .

We also know that the more passionate they become about our Motorsport, Road Safety & Safe driving , the more they will support the sponsors of our sports.

We want our fans – our Sponsors – to have an incredible experience with KASA


Mr. Sudipto Nandy is an IRS. A  highly successful professional has hold many important positions  throughout his career.  He was earlier Director Revenue Intelligence and retired as Commissioner of Customs.
Mr. Nandy is attached to Motor Sports from his very early age and has been a regular visitor of the sporting circuit. With his huge professional expertise his guidance make the events more professionally managed.
A sports enthusiast from childhood Mr. Parekh has represented State in Table Tennis in National Championship at Jalandhar at a very early age in 1965 and continued his association till 1968 while  participating in various tournaments.
Highly successful Industrialist and highly respected in rally circuit a torchbearer of Indian Motor Sports he has  participated in numerous events between 1972 and 2002. His knowledge and love for Motor Sports have kept him actively involved till date and has also been  the force for organizing successful  events across  the Country.
KISHORE NANDI (Vice President)
Dr. Kishore Nandi is a very senior and renowned medical practitioner in Kolkata.  Also very much attached to Motor Sports from his younger age. His medical expertise is highly essential for an important aspect of the sport that is “ Safety & Security”.
Dr. Nandi always arrange time for the sports from his busy schedule whenever his help and advice is required as a Chief Medical Officer.
ANJAN MAJUMDER (Vice President)
Motor Sports is not only about cars and speed. Being a highly successful professional Administrator & Investment Banker Mr. Majumder understood the importance of the commercial aspects  and managing the nighty gritty of such big events.
In Motor Sports his experience in managinging the Commercial and Operational activities to the perfection has gained him a name with many satisfied Sponsors, Vendors  and people directly or indirectly attached to the events.
DEBASISH BHATTACHARJEE (Technical Advisor & Treasurer)
His love for motor cars started at very early age and became such a passion that his  association with the sports started way back in 1975 at tender age of 18.
One of the pioneers of developing Motor Sports in Eastern India and being the founder member of  one of the oldest Motor Sports Club of Calcutta Mr. Bhattacharjee has immense knowledge about every spheres of the sports and relentlessly working till date for advancement, betterment of the sports to make it more popular throughout  the Country.
CHAYAN SHAH (Secretary)
Young, Dynamic Mr. Shah has obvious liking for Fast Cars and being a Highly Successful Business persona make him look for constant challenges and both he found in Motor Sports.
Mr. Shah is a Director of a renowned Business House in India and with his experience and superior administrative capabilities he is working to create a more professional  environment in the Motor Sports World. Being a certified scuba diver he is well acquainted with the extremes.
SHUBHAJIT KUMAR (Joint Secretary)
A fierce competitor Mr. Kumar has participated and won many Motor Sports events between 1992 and 2000 . Even being a very successful businessman he still ensures to devote quality time to enrich the sports with his vast experience.
Be it Driving, Navigating, Organizing or Officiating he has done it all with ease and today his guidance and participation is sought by many Organizers in Eastern India to make an event of any scale successful.
Motor Sports was still  few  brave men’s playing ground in Eastern India when Mrs. Bhattacharjee stepped into this world with only 1 or 2 women competitors around.  She made her mark immediately and became a well known face in the Rally Circuit.
Her understanding of the Sport made her popular with the Organizers  and from  a participant she quickly became one of the main members of the Rally Organizing Committee and Rally Official  for different Clubs across Eastern India.  She became the source  of motivation for many women to be the part of Motor Sports and make their mark.